My services - Problem solving

My job is to help solve your hard problems, whatever that may be. Need to know what training to offer? I can help with that. Want to get into a new field and want some more pre-thought going in? Sure can. What ever it may be that you're feeling concerned with, I am sure I can settle your concerns in some form or another. Even if all you want is another opinion on who to hire to settle a debate.

Do you need an extra developer? How about a technical writer? Whatever in IT ailes you, I am here to support and get you to your desired outcome. All prices start at $40USD/hr. The exact price will depend upon the task required as well as level of service that is being supplied.

Web development
  • New site
  • Software installations
  • Debugging/Fixing
  • Updating
Constructing, developing a new or existing project. Fixing or optimizing an existing system.
Native (application development)
  • Performance tuning
  • New software
  • Debugging/Fixing
  • Upgrading/Updating
Fixing bugs, optimizing hot code-paths. Data processing.
  • Documentation
  • Events
  • HCI review
Updating, creating of documentation. Technical writing for software. Specification to code comparison, fixing. HCI expert evaluations.

The services in the above table are only an example of what is available. If you want anything else, please request it in an email.