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Hello I am Richard Andrew Cattermole. I am a problem solver and I could help solve your IT problems, no matter how hard or cumbersome they may be. That is my job. You may of course call me Rikki, I am a software developer from Christchurch, New Zealand and I consider programming in native languages like D a great fun little hobby project for my weekends. So what are you waiting for, lets get in touch!

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I hired Richard to add Linux support to our products portfolio. He quickly exceeded expectations and completed the work with minimal supervision. Richard is a very driven developer, who would be an asset to any software project.
- Guillaume Piolat, Auburn Sounds CEO

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Published: 03/09/2017 Title: Iterative&Incremental development link

Software projects tend to fail, no matter what you do. But at the very least you can account for the human-condition where the greatest of failures occur. Simply by recognising that humans fail and more importantly that it isn't always out-right failure but instead are only at the start point in reaching their goals. Iterative&Incremental methodology or as I like to call it "mental-model" is very effective and mitigating this issue.